naming-convention-php 0

Naming Conventions PHP

There are lots of naming conventions follows by different framework. Personally i have followed this naming conventions You can see from here https://bitbucket.org/snippets/shojibflamon/BMKkaB    

htaccess 0

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS using .htaccess

Sometimes you are getting insure warning on your website when you using Chrome or Firefox browser without SSL Certificate. Without SSL your website is showing insure message to your visitor. This is very important...

Laravel New Features 4

Whats new in Laravel 5.8

Laravel 5.0 was released in February 2015 and a 5.x update has been released roughly every six months since then. After Laravel 5.7 was released, we can expect to see the initial release of...

Git is not working after macOS Mojave Update 0

Git is not working after macOS Mojave Update

Last night i updated to macOS Mojave, After that i have faced some issue in git. Git not working in my terminal. When i am trying to type git in my terminal then getting...

How-to-Create-a-Custom-Route-File-in-Laravel 2

How to create custom route file in laravel

You can create your own customize laravel route file in your project. Sometimes this is very essentials for organize your projects. Suppose you have three types of users. Seems like admin, merchant, customer and...

Laravel Table Migration 0

Laravel Migration to change table name

Question is . : I want to change my two table name in the Laravel, so do I have to manually change the table name or it can be possible through migration. To rename...