How to send arrays with GET or POST request in POSTMAN Rest Client

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  1. Vince says:

    Thank you, good one.

    Have a will you get these array values into a variable? these ones name” => “Rabbit”
    “age” => “2 years”
    “color” => “White”
    “height” => “2 inch”
    “weight” => “.5Kg”
    into a variable or how to split and store in a variable.

    Thank you

    • Shojib Flamon says:

      Thanks for your query.
      I don’t know that did you get any solution or not.
      By the way
      you can json_encode this array and pass it using a regular key value in postman.
      key : value
      pet : {“name”:”Rabbit”,”age”:”2 years”,”color”:”White”,”height”:”2 inch”,”weight”:”.5Kg”}

      again you catch this value simple using $_REQUEST[‘pet’] & json_decode($_REQUEST[‘pet’]);

      Simple Solution. Hope you understand

  2. Eduardo Cooper says:

    Thank you! Help me a lot!

  3. Josh says:


  4. Jhon says:

    Thanks a lot.

    It saves my time……

  5. akarshit nema says:

    “assign”: [
    “userId”: 0
    “userId”: 0
    “userId”: 0

    how can i send this from postman

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